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At Sahaj Marg(tm), Fear of the Future

Translation of an article by Alexis: "Peur de l"Avenir au Sahaj Marg", on Elodie's blog in Europe: "Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg"

June 29, 2014
At Sahaj Marg(tm), Fear of the Future
From an article by Alexis: Whispers: The Dead Reassuring The Living

Less than a month after Chari's birthday celebrations and one month from that of Babuji, what are we talking about at the SRCM?  The full approval and confirmation of Kamlesh Patel as his (Chari's)  successor as Master and some reassurance regarding the continuation of the Mission ... 

“On 29th April, satsangs were followed by the reading of some special Whispers messages received in March 2014. These messages conveyed the full approval and confirmation of brother Kamlesh Patel as Master’s successor.  (…) The Whisper of 30th April was read by Madhuri Krishna, then Master himself spoke. Referring to recent Whispers messages, he repeated their reassurance about the continuation of the Mission, saying however that we should concern ourselves with the present and leave the future to the future.” (Echoes of India, vol 7 issue 3, May 2014)

Whispers customarily  keeps repeating the same things in order to convince the abhyasis. Does this mean that they indeed doubt the future of the Mission and Patel? Oh? Because there would be reason to doubt? It's hard to imagine ...

Fear of the Future at SRCM

Chari is old, sick and tired. His days are numbered (not my words). But he has organized his succession, everything is in marching order ... 

As everything was also in order a little more than 30 years ago, when Babuji died. And his estate was simple and clear: a fierce war ensued between the children of Babuji and Chari, let alone the multiple splits and annexations.  It took only fifteen years for Chari to ultimately impose himself as the head of the movement. This would not have been possible without the support of  some foreign abhyasis,  and he never succeeded in eradicating all the separatist tendencies ...

Today, nobody (overtly) opposes Kamlesh Patel.  PR Krishna, Chari's son, as well as his grandchildren Barghav and Madhuri Krishna have willingly given up their wealth and power of influence to the Brooklyn pharmacist (Kamlesh D. Patel)The same for the many suitors of Chari who toiled so many years and who will not receive any recognition: AP Durai, U.S. Bajpai, Santosh Khanjee and all of Chari's other lieutenants ... 

Nobody opposes the Brooklyn pharmacist, not even the grandchildren of Babuji, such as Navneet Kumar Saxena or Sharad Chandra Saxena! Not even the successors of Kasturi and Lalaji ...

 So much so that Chari is entirely confident about the future of the Mission. Conversely in 2009, he had declared that a cancer was gnawing at Sahaj Marg from the inside and that the organization was in danger of disintegration. In his nightmares, he saw the Mission split into 240 small groups (The need for personal discipline, speech of 10 January 2009 to ZIC to Manappakkam). 

Will Patel's shoulders be strong enough to know how to impose himself, and win against his competitors and maintain the unity of Sahaj Marg and the Mission?

Whispers: when the dead are trying to reassure the living
Rather than considering the future, Chari has chosen to focus on the present. An ostrich policy that his staff  are trying to impose. To do this, they have not found a better solution than calling on the dead to rescue the living ... by soliciting "Whispers" of course!

As usual, it is the Great Saints of All Times, first and foremost the "special personality": Babuji, who are confirming that the pharmacist Brooklyn is Chari's successor and yes of course, the mission will endure.

Whispers are constantly hammered to try and convince the followers of the messages.  They are messages that are read and re-read during the 3 major celebrations of the year as posts of honor or as final solutions, the apotheosis of an apogee which feels the end of his reign in spades ... 

Will there be enough there to re-assure the poor lost sheep?

The world is afraid, afraid of the Future! SRCM is no better ... it's hard to face the end of life of a living Master. Oh! Such human behavior ... and so little spirituality!

Let's be honest! In the Mission and at Sahaj Marg, everyone is holding their breath and waiting for the death of Chari. What will happen tomorrow? The Future is so terribly open ... 



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Anonymous said...

@ alexis

This is to let know the readers that Shri Navneet Kumar Saxena is in strong opposition of Mr Kamlesh D. Patel for any of the office bearers position of SRCM.

Would also want add that the future of SRCM will be safe in the hands of Navneeth Kumar Saxena along with bleesing of Babuji.