Monday, May 19, 2014

Sahaj Marg(tm) From the Age of 12 Years Old?

Translation of an article by Élodie: "Le Sahaj Marg Dès l'Age de 12 ans",  on her blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.

Comment by 4d-Don:  Babuji, (Shri Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur), Founder of the SRCM (1945 Shahjahanpur) and Sahaj Marg, warned about accepting "disciples (abhyasis)" before the age of 18 years.  Not so for this "numbers man", a retired CEO and businessman, the self-appointed (and rejected)  successor of the Founder, Babuji.  He wants numbers at his events NOW!!  

This Gang of Spiritualist businessmen are targeting your children with fantasies, long before the "Age of Reason"!!   

Spiritualism (Messages from the "spirits of the dead", through an anonymous Medium)  is a SCAM!!

May 19, 2014   

Sahaj Marg From The Age of 12 Years Old? 

The message sent by Alexis confirms (if there was a need) that Chari and the SRCM do not wait until the children reach the age of majority to push Sahaj Marg(tm) onto them.  

"For souls nobly born, valor does not await the passing of years.(elitism?) 

Alexis said: 

I share with you a reading that was brought to my attention in Constant Remembrance of  January, 2014 (Volume XXX, No. 1, Grow Together in Sahaj Marg), where Chari dialogues remotely with three french groups.

“ (…) So, parents, please guide your children properly and expose them to Sahaj Marg. Don’t leave them at home and go for meditation. They must be part of your life. That way the children grow very fast. I have here children in the Omega School clamouring to become abhyasis even when they are twelve. We have to create that sort of longing in children so that they become, naturally, abhyasis. (…)”

Translation: So, you parents, please guide your children properly and expose them to Sahaj Marg.  Do not leave them at home and go meditate. They must be part of your life. In this way, children grow very quickly.  I have here children who call the Omega school requesting to become abhyasis, even though  they are only twelve.  We need to create this kind of desire in children to naturally become Abhyasis.


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Anonymous said...

What a lovely speech by master. Out of curiosity would you not want to have your 12 year old son/grandson convinced of your own anti-Sahaj Marg philosophy or would you leave this side of your life completely hidden to them? What is wrong with exposing them naturally? All people do is meditate on the heart together, I fail to see the harm.

4d-Don said...

Hi "YOU"!!

As with every "con" game, in the religious con-game, you will be made to trust the "brothers and sisters" and to hand over your children to "who-ever" wants to be a guardian. (no real standards to protect the children)

With the catholic priests, while the women were praying in front of the church, some of the pedophile priests, having gained the confidence of the parishioners were molesting their children in the "back rooms"... and then there were the "field trips" ... the "outings"

The pedophile catholic priests who have spoken out (confessed), state that before molesting the children, they made sure they were trusted and "loved" by the parents, specially the mother. You (as we) will not see the abuse ... It will be a "secret", just like the secrets and lies you hide about Sahaj Marg as your sign of "love" for the "chosen", the self-appointed "elite" ... your "master" who wants to refer to you as a "serf" or as a "living dead". (read Babuji's early material)

I do not hand over my sons and grandsons to "religious" con-men and the "religious" brothers and sisters. If I teach my family about our "ONE-ness", I also warn them about those who profess to represent "ONE" and who claim to be (self-?) appointed proxies for ONE. I teach ALL to commune with ONE directly ... not to trust those who lie about their role (charlatans) in true spirituality.
Don't hate the criminals or the con-men, but don't trust them with your most valuable stewardship: Your family!!

Sahaj Marg has become Spiritualism and as all spiritualists, they are evangelical or salespersons who use all the tricks in the book including the use of the autonomous mental entities called: "egregores". (see article on "egregores" on this blog) And, "Spirituality" is what all con-men call the cult of their "PERSON" ... Obedience to THEMSELVES!! Their egotistical selves.

Do not give your children to those who are truly "spiritualists", and who surround themselves with the material and pretend to be "spiritual" or to give a gift of spirituality. Spiritualism (messages from "spirits" by a Medium) is not "Spirituality"

Sahaj Marg is a trap ... a spiritualist trap. I am anti-spiritualist ... and that is good for ALL of US, specially those who want to truly BE SPIRITUAL!! Spirituality is an inside journey. To "GO" anywhere to search for "ONE-ness", in the outside dualistic world is not SPIRITUALITY ... that is not an "inside" journey ...

The heart is a pump... it is not to be toyed with (according to Babuji) with suggestions by the emotions of those also addicted to the material and to emotionalism. (There is too much violence and too many divisions (read the accounts from Babuji's family) in Sahaj Marg to TRUST in these "businessmen"). Babuji, in one of his early books, warned about damaging the heart of neophytes by transmissions which are not "subtle". He also warned about "grossness" entering through the transmission by imperfect preceptors who transmit their (and their Master's) grossness rather that the perfection of ONE ... our "ONE-ness".

Can a priest, who is a sinner, teach virtue and forgive sins??

If the vessel is not pure, can the contents be pure??

Is that what you want for your "family"??

Go to ONE (what some call God), directly and by yourself and show (by example) your family how not to be fooled or conned by charlatans and spiritualist (materialist) businessmen and women.


4d-Don said...


If your son, after having been led by you to Sahaj Marg, then agrees with us and turns his back on Chari and his cult, will you then agree with Chari and also call your son: the "enemy of Spirituality?"

That is what Chari, in his Divine "love", has said about those who disagree with him and his spiritualist "cult":

WE, the Bloggers!!

And we, who are the professed enemies of SPIRITUALISM, would you also falsely call us the "enemies of Spirituality"??

Would you be like Chari? Or would you refuse to be a "serf", a "living dead" and think for yourself??

Do it NOW!!

Don ...

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with being a businessman? I myself am one. Plus I have Catholic friends, I don't think there's anything wrong with Sunday school. You're a bit extreme Don. You can't paint everyone with one brush. Plus I note that you don't upload all comments on the site, is that not a bit opaque and undemocratic?

Anonymous said...

4d-don, I'm really fascinated by your aversion to Sahaj Marg. Could I discuss it with you in person? It's fine if not, just thought I'd ask. You live in Canada right? I know the request probably sounds strange. Could always do it over the phone. Just interested to know about your experience with SM. Patrick

4d-Don said...

Hi Patrick ...

I was also a businessman, but it did not consume my life to the point of "climbing" the corporate ladder of material success.

Chari was a mill manager for the TTK Group, one of the largest Industrial Consortium in India. And many (all??) of the others on the SMSF "Foundation" who control the "assets" of SRCM (California-1997), are also large corporation owners.

Nothing wrong with that but at least in the Catholic Religion, the priests and the "chosen" (those with questionable vocations and who become "priests", bishops, cardinals, popes, etc...) don't own anything, least of all the "charity" dollars (and all the assets) as with Sahaj Marg(tm) and SRCM (California-1997).

From Catholicism (or the Christian Bible ... The Vulgate) From: Matthew 6:24 ...

"No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.

And Chari's successor, Kamlesh D. Patel is a Pharmacy owner (not just one retail outlet)and Pharmaceutical product importer from Staten Island, New York, part of an Indian Pharmaceutical consortium trying to invade the North American "drug" Market ...

And the Indian "Denim Baron" is (or was??) also a director of the SMSF Foundation ... His target was then to control 10% of the American Denim Jeans Market ... What is his target now?

And these are your "SPIRITUALIST" master who claim to be "spiritual" and focus on SPIRIT rather than the Material??

These are not just "little" businessmen... these are nationalists, imperialists who use "spirituality" but who are really spiritualists (messages from the dead and mediums and "egregores". A SCAM to sell "BOOKS"!! These are the elitist "Brahmin" sect of India who are trying to promote: "India will rise again". Would you call the (American Fundamentalist Christian South's movement and slogan: "the South will rise again", SPIRITUAL??

Read my old blogs...


4d-Don said...


I will reply to any comments on this blog (as long as I can) ... I will not discuss in private ...

We have already had "threats" from members of your group. And if you read the experiences of Babuji's family in dealing with Chari and his family, you will understand why.

Baubji's family allegedly asked the President of India for protection from Chari's clan ...

So discuss here please...

I publish all pertinent comments.

I make exception of the rantings of some "juveniles" who add nothing of importance to this conversation ... The (these spiritualists) are trying to shut us down as you can well understand. And they are not the "peace and love set" you seem to think they are. Ask Babuji's grandsons and family.

Chari calls us the "enemies of Spirituality".