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At Sahaj Marg, Daycare or Indoctrination of Children?

Translation of an article by Élodie: "Garderie ou Embrigadement des Enfants",  on her blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.

April 2, 2014 
Daycare or the Indoctrination of Children?

Within a month, the SRCM will celebrate the anniversary of the birth of Babuji.  This year, 16,500 people have already celebrated the birthday of Lalaji in February, and it is also planned to celebrate the anniversary of Chari in July.

According to the figures of the SRCM, of the 16,500 people gathered for the birthday of Lalaji, there were 1,500 volunteers, but also 1,729 children: "In the center, children were divided into three groups of age, Toddlers (0-6 years), Little Stars (7-12 years) and young adults (13-17 years). Each group was guided by a set of dedicated volunteers who had them involved in various activities on the teaching of moral values ​​and the understanding of Sahaj Marg."

The LMOIS (Lalaji Memorial Omega International School) is proof that the SRCM is interested in our children, despite the ban on meditation before the age of 18, put in place by Babuji at the inception of Sahaj Marg. But the invitation of young children to participate in celebrations shows that Chari's ambition in this area is not limited to the older among them.

In Sahaj Sandesh 2014.15 of March 8th, SRCM reiterates its invitation to children to participate in large numbers ("inviting children to participate in larger numbers") in the celebration of Bauji's anniversary.

Below is a series of articles (in French) by Alexis on "Sahaj Marg and Childhood".


Sahaj Marg and Childhood   

Chari is not only interested in his own followers and the development of the membership. Abhyasis' children's are also an interesting target in his eyes, first because they can be completely indoctrinated, but because they can then render invaluable services to the Mission.  

Read more (French)  [The Mission is interested in your children]

The Research Institute of Sahaj Marg has created a sort of values guide ​​for a so-called spiritual education (Value Based Spiritual Education, VBSE) for educators, teachers and parents. And it was soon used in the education of children and in youth training.  

Read more (French)  [The VBSE: A spiritual indoctrination]

With the school of Sahaj Marg, Omega School or LMOIS, Chari has finally succeeded in separating children from their Abhyasis parents. And to the parents, he makes them believe that their children are the future of the new world announced by Whispers (From the Brighter World), an elite to regenerate humanity ...

Read more (French)  [Omega school, the school of an elite to regenerate humanity]



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