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Sahaj Marg(tm) A Religion in the Process of Hatching!

Translation of an article by Élodie: "Une Religion Entrain D'éclore", on her blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.

December 7, 2012

A religion in the Process of Hatching

The founding myth of the religion of Sahaj Marg

From the Central Region (Brighter world), in the midst of the spiritual Hierarchy of the great saints of history, a special personality named Babuji announces a Grand intelligent design. This is the great turning undertaken by Chari in 2005 with the publication of Whispers, as elaborated by an female anonymous French medium, allegedly from the so-called Babuji, who died almost 30 years ago. These Whispers of Babuji from the Brighter World (Whispers from the Brighter World) are increasingly becoming the foundation of a new religion, already germinating for many years inside the Mission. Thus we see the day by day hatching of the religion of Sahaj Marg, driven by the daily Whispers of Babuji.

What message are delivered  by Babuji's Whispers?

Babuji's message is a prophecy which he claims to be beyond the reach of our understanding, and that he can not or does not want to unveil the strategy for the moment. What he wants to state for now is that humanity has lost its mind, that its behavior is destructive and that it is entering into a great turmoil, a time of dislocation, of mutations and of natural disasters. Divine punishment and the Apocalypse is arriving. But a new race, already at work, will provide the expertise to build a new and completely different world.  There are many called, but few are chosen, they are different and misunderstood. This elite will regenerate humanity and save the world.

For more information, see:   file decryption Whispers performed by Alexis (1), (2), (3), (4), (5)

Cataclysms, Apocalypse, divine punishment, prophecy, new race, elite, etc.. The Grand Design, founding myth of a new religion, is in place. Religion is a collective practice with rituals that connect people together from common beliefs, but it also creates intolerance against those who do not share the same beliefs. It is far from spirituality, a personal approach that liberates and gives meaning to life.

Faced with the threat of the collapse of SRCM, Chari has made the daring choice to forge a religious myth, a unifying religion generating dependency, rivalry and competition. It is perniciously instilled in the minds of the abhyasis by the daily circulation of Whispers which tirelessly repeats the same message.

What is the impact on abhyasis?

Some telling examples:

Influenced by Whispers an abhyasi of the Mission wrote: “It is assumed that the society today has come to a state where calling its members “human” is something like an exaggeration or a lie. The homo sapiens has the complete form but it is lacking in ‘human content’.” (Mukul S. Mukherjee, in a study entitled: Efficacy of a coping strategy for developing human qualities).   According to Sahaj Marg, we are not worthy of being called "human beings"

My own mother sees her grandchildren as indigo children, the future elite of the New World announced in Whispers.

On a website called "Afraid of The Future Survival Network," the abhyasis of "pockets of the future" discuss the future: 

“We have a spiritual community, the Shri Ram Chandra Mission based in Chennai but there are heavy concentrations of members throughout India. Aside from the community aspect Indians are better equipped to adapt after the collapse and the country itself is much more mature than America.


So this means the best, smartest so called elite of society who have perhaps the best genes to pass on to future generations have drastically less children than uneducated people who have many advantages and a rich environment to offer future generations. Our spiritual practice teaches that higher developed souls who are inclined towards spiritual evolution often do not have suitable environments to incarnate into where they can pursue spiritual advancement.” 
(September to November, 2012)

Fear of the future, the collapse of world, an elite with renewed genes: and all this on a portal that surfs on the fear of the end of the world and the end of the Mayan calendar to better sell their junk; these abhyasis would be better inspired to go see elsewhere rather than their practice of soliciting  from this type of audience.

Chari uses and abuses crowd manipulation techniques

I will paraphrase Serge Moscovici (The Age of Crowds) and Gustave Le Bon (Crowd Psychology)

Only religion (Sahaj Marg?) still arouses a fanatical attachment.  Its Prophet (Chari) is the archetypal modern leader because he creates around him the most robust faith. Religion (Sahaj Marg?) is the most ideal example of a form of  belief system (Whispers?). It has a dogma, sacred texts which one  obeys, heroes with the qualities of saints (Lalaji, Babuji, etc.).  It provides the lost believer (abhyasi) a need for protection which all humans experience since childhood, a worldview where each problem found its solution, a total vision (Whispers).

It explains the origin of the universe and its future plans (Whispers).  After exacerbating the threats to our world, it brings hope, it ensures that the elite (abhyasis) will emerge victorious from the turmoil and finally, provided they identify with an ideal which transcends them,  and comply with the requirements it lays down.

Religion (Sahaj Marg) conceals a secret (the Grand Design) and it cultivates this mystery. On its behalf, it imposes rules and proclaims  truths, which are not explained.  This secret  justifies the hierarchy (master, preceptors, abhyasis).   The individual who climbs its rungs approaches this sacred point, others remain at a distance.  Religion (Sahaj Marg) is the work of the spiritual son (Chari), the successor of the founder (Babuji). He exonerates and legitimizes him (the founder?), and at the same time concealing his crimes.

Intolerance and fanaticism are the necessary accompaniment of the religious feeling. They are inevitable for those who think they possess the secret of earthly or eternal  happiness (abhyasis). These feelings of fanaticism make that man finds his happiness in worship and obedience and is ready to give his life for his idol (Chari).

For more information, see (French):  the case files of Alexis on the psychology of crowds
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4d-Don said...

Michael, ex-preceptor of SRCM, left this message on Elodie's blog...

Michael said:


Je suis désolé que je dois répondre en anglais (I am sorry that I have to reply in English):

Your practice belongs to you, not SRCM, I agree with you on that. It is a personal thing. It is your right to pursue without judgement.

HOWEVER, The organization of SRCM has indeed devolved to a religion that DOES require faith, not experience - Faith in an anonymous medium's communications with dead people, faith in the dreams of Babuji as validation of his successorship to Lalaji - Faith in P.Chari's mastery, Faith in the organization's leadership which focuses more on financing the organizations growth than providing spiritual guidance.

As for the Practice of Sahaj Marg as it is taught by Preceptors (of which I was one): It poses significant danger to many who practice it. I say this because I have seen the damage it has done to so many. The lucky ones stay on and experience little "progress". They are reminded of this regularly in the Presidents messages and speeches. The organization has become oblivious to its failure and blaming the disciples for such failure is simply irresponsible.

People like myself are left to help those harmed by this organization to pick up the pieces of their lives. This is why I speak up. Because of my direct EXPERIENCE, I see the harm the practice has done and know just how difficult the recovery from the practice can be.

You are certainly free to practice and experience SRCM and be happy with it, but I do not believe it is reasonable to simply dismiss concerns many of us have about the adoption of faith based beliefs and ignore the damage that the practice has done to so many - let alone the admitted lack of results for so many who continue to practice.

All this is a symptom of the SRCM leaderships hunger to expand the organization at all cost, including the human cost! I experienced this in the early days of Chari's SRCM when I was able to peek inside his Inner Circle. It is real, I can assure you.


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