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Sahaj Marg(tm) Gay Disciple Speaks out!

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gay abyasi Said:

Jun 1

Hi all,

I am gay and abhyasi. I never took Chariji's homophobia seriously till the time i heard one of his speeches on 'he, hookah and I" series (or whtaever it is called). That really disturbed me a lot. I stopped meditating and doing cleaning. Well it just made me irritated an irritated fellow. So i started my practice again. stopped again. started again and now i do it on and off. I would have loved that Chariji were more spiritual than he thinks.

I also heard that a french gay couple was split because he got one of the partner's married to a woman. I don't know how what their lives have become now but i do sincerely hope that they remade their lives and are happy with it.

I came out to Chariji a long time back by mail. Never got a reply...hehehe lol. I even sent him an email to inform him that i was going to sign a civil partnership with my partner. He never replied... hhehe lol.

Well just wanted to drop a line because i liked your articles and would really like to interact with abhyasis or ex abhyasis who are gay or gay-friendly.

take care

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4d-Don said...

Elodie said ...

Taken from Elodie's Blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg

Hello everyone,

Chari is a homophobe, Babuji was a racist. These individuals are not perfect, they are only human beings, with strengths and weaknesses.

Why do we, abhyasis or former abhyasis, want at all costs to make them supermen? Why do we venerate them as demi-gods?

This should return us to ourselves: are we in a spiritual quest, or in search of a living (incarnate) God?

We are solely responsible for the pedestal on which we have elevated Chari. He does not deserve it, but we have only ourselves to blame, our deepest hidden motivations. They are not always very spiritual.

Much love,


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

4d-Don said...

Comment by Alexis. Taken from Elodie's Blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg

Alexis said ...

If the churches condone gay marriage, soon a man will marry a cow ...

I have not done an exhaustive list of homophobic statements by Chari, it deserves to be done. I have chosen one, the worst that I've ever heard. It was October 12, 2010, he spoke of moral degradation because people like Bill Gates give money to combat AIDS, the Pope himself had said a special prayer for those suffering from AIDS. What Chari described as moral degradation. If the churches condone gay marriage, will a man soon marry a cow ...

No, I did not invent anything. This is the statement without alterations.

“(…) Today I read in the newspaper, I had it read, that India has slipped in the world list of nations to tackle hunger, even though there are less hungry people in India now. The way we are doing it does not compare with the way in which other countries are doing it. People like Bill Gates, he is willing to give billions for AIDS. Even the Pope, when Babuji Maharaj and I were in the Vatican some years ago, said a special prayer for AIDS sufferers. Why specially AIDS people? This shows our moral degradation. They don’t want tuberculosis patients, paralytic patients, heart patients; the idea being that these people are rich enough to afford their own cure. That is moral degradation — when a Pope says a special prayer!

So you see, it is from below to the top or the other way down, when churches condone same-sex marriages, perform same-sex marriages. Soon a day will come when perhaps, in Athens or Barcelona or somewhere, you will find a man marrying a cow (…).” –

Chari octobre 12, 2010 – Speech titled: “Morality is Essential” – Seminar for Character Development for Functionaries, Chennai India

mardi, juin 05, 2012

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Chariji would have rather the Pope said a special prayer for people with diabetes...he wanted that prayer because he has that disease! It really ticked him off.

Maybe when they published his comment they changed it - think they do that a lot.

-- Triple Gem

4d-Don said...

Hi Triple Gem...

Is that confirmed (or common knowledge) that Chari has "diabetes"??

If that is the case, then it's pretty "self-serving" of this "MASTER"?? to ask for a prayer for diabetes sufferers (himself) while pooh-pooh-ing the Pope's prayer for AIDS sufferers ...

Does he not have a direct connection to his "male" god in his "Brighter World" or his religious sect's "Special Personality"? I guess not as he needs a "MEDIUM" !! Does Chari need the Pope's prayers as he needs a Medium? lol lol

The Audio of that conversation is on-line at their site ... One can hear Chari's SNEERS (They are not "chuckles" ... I (or Frank) was trying to be kind !!)

The link to the audio of Chari's October 12, 2010 speech, Morality is Essential, is also in this article on this blog:

Sahaj Marg(tm), Moral Degradation And THE UNDPI


Anonymous said...


I thought it was common knowledge that he had diabetes.

What difference does it make, really? You and I both know he's just a human being.

Contrary to some, he does not cause the weather, or the shape of the moon!

I heard a speech of him relating the story about the pope and it had to be before 2010 and he was ticked off - wanted the prayer to be for people with diabetes. I remember thinking it was self serving too. (I could be wrong, but I remember that it upset some others and it gave the preceptors "some work." Had to be before 2010.)

I agree, one would think, if he was some supreme being, then he would have a connection and there certainly wouldn't be a need for a medium.

Oh well, we know they re-record every speech and they re-write stuff after he gives a talk. Nothing new about that and his preceptors will defend whatever he does.

The more a person talks to the preceptors about their disbelief or questions, the more chance of becoming a preceptor. That's one way to get "promoted" in Sahaj-Marg!

Really it's called brain washing - and they (preceptors) like to do that! That's their "training!"

If one is "under their spell" then it makes no difference. It's just another escape from reality. All you have to do is give up your power. They will gladly take it.

-- Triple Gem

Anonymous said...

Choosing to be anonymous for various reasons.

Yes, it is true that there is homophobia, and as a gay person who has dealt with all the similar issues Ive seen listed, I am guessing this is pretty much standard with any 'Eastern' method of yoga/traditions? Acceptance, let alone tolerance, of homosexuality seems to be totally missing, although in its place is a very convenient embracing of the 'heterosexual way of life', thereby branding everything else as morally outrageous.

I guess some people who are gay and still meditating under the system would feel very lost, alienated, and remain 'hidden' (the number of gay couples who have been reduced to ashes is far greater than whats being reported, by the way), and these people have no one to talk to, while constantly being surrounded by arranged marriages taking place and losing whatever sense of self they have. Growing up gay is hard enough, but to voluntarily come into a system that doesn't accept 'gayness' in any form is another thing entirely.

There are many, many of us, who choose to remain silent for various reasons. I am also aware that many gay men have been married to women to sort of 'pray the gay away'. As an American this sort of thing is hard for me to comprehend, but these sorts of things seem to happen a lot in these systems. I dont know if one should blame the Guru though? After all from what I understand he is in his eighties and definitely a product of his times... probably from an era where same-sex unions weren't even thought of in India, so the comments I see ascribed to him seem to be more culturally ingrained rather than any personal vendetta? Again I apologize as I don't really have much deep knowledge about his own belief system as that differes from person to person ... however, I am gay, I meditate, and I find it works for me if I dont read any of the literature or any of the speeches etc. More as a de-stresser really than anything else.

Any inputs?

4d-Don said...

Hi "anonymous"

I meditate also but I don't place a "person" inside my self as a MASTER or as ONE ... specially a person who is that far off in tolerance, acceptance, love and compassion ...(what Babuji called: "the lack of tingling in the heart" in realationship to Chari.

We are all SPIRIT (not spirits). SPIRIT is what we are made of along with Matter, Energy, Mind, Consciousness. SPIRIT would be a state where our "self-consciousness" becomes "ONE", or in other words: Consciousness of the ONE-ness of ALL or: "cosmic consciousness"

To touch that part of ourself, is not to be relegated and/or left to the realm of cults of PERSONALITIES or "special persons", or religions with their "Messiahs" or "divine incarnations" ... This is OUR Nature for which we are apparently hard-wired.

We are all ONE!! Now it is up to us to tolerate one another and to expose those who claim to represent this ONE or the ONE-ness of ALL, and yet do not exhibit a basic tolerance for what most of us accept readily. It is the "religious", the "saved", the "LIBERATED" who are intolerant!! They are not very "saved" or liberated in my view. How can they save or liberate others??

And then there there is the attachment to the material and to POWER which these so-called: Spiritual Gurus seem to be attached to in their own lives and in the life of their organizations. SPIRITUALITY should not be so MATERIALIST. We can learn from Native Spirituality ... there are no "churches" in their "SPIRITUALITY" or NATURE is the church.

Just my take on things..

Thanks for sharing.


4d-Don said...

Hi Triple Gem

Thanks for your input... I agree!